Top Cow Families on the Farm


Basin Lucy 178E Family

LEE Lucy 1241of Emuckfaw

Reg: +17314159 Connealy Consensus 7229 x Basin Lucy 8N02

LEE Lucy 4130 of Emuckfaw

Reg: 16778082 G A R Predestined x Basin Lucy 3167

Everelda Entense Family

Everelda Entense of Emuckfaw 9231

Reg: 16620258 H A Image Maker 0415 x Coleman Everelda Entense 765


Everelda Entense of Emuckfaw 9262 sired by GAR New Design 5050

2nd Generation:

Everelda Entense of Emuckfaw 097 sired by EXAR Resistol

ECF Everelda Entense 1218 sired by Jindra Acclaim

Everelda Entense of Emuckfaw 1229 sired by Jindra Acclaim

Baldridge Isabel Y69

Baldridge Isabel C029

Reg: +18229485 EF Commando 1366 x Baldridge Isabel Y36


RRR Isabel R2668 sired by SS Samson C4701

RRR Isabel R2688 sired by SS Samson C4701

RRR Isabel R2258 sired by Spring Cove Reno 4021


PRS A Better Summer W209

Reg: 2524421 SVF/NJC Mo Better x WHF Summer S240

Black with Blaze Face


Emuckfaw’s Indian Summer A1 by Barricade of Emuckfaw

Emuckfaw Summer Breeze A12 by Crimson Tide

2nd Generation:

Summer Rain F915 sired by Big Casino

Summer Sky G12 sired by ASR Longevity Y184

Emuckfaw Barbara 27W

Reg: 2661232 SVF/NJC Mo Better x Emuckfaw’s Barbara 275

Black with Blaze Face


Emuckfaw Barbara Y36 by In Dew Time

Barbara of Emuckfaw B11 by Allegiance

Barbara of Emuckfaw C5 sired by Majestic

2nd Generation:

Barbara of Emuckfaw A13 by Grandmaster

Lee Barbara of Emuckfaw B12 by Allegiance

Emuckfaw Barbara F020 sired by JBS Big Casino

Barbara of Emuckfaw G0 sired by JBS Big Casino

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