The lands formerly held by Native Americans became an object of desire and was opened to white settlers by 1835. The demand for rich fertile land and cotton ushered in a period of heavy settlement. New settlers poured into Alabama from Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee. Emuckfaw Creek Farm is located on part of the lands tracing back in 2 sets of 7 generations. Jennifer’s great, great, great, great grandfathers, Simon Bryan and John McDaniel, migrated into Alabama and settled on land in Tallapoosa County.

These early ancestors were subsistence agriculture farmers producing crops and raising animals needed for food during the year. As time passed, the land previously used to grow cotton and corn was planted in centipede with terraces to stop soil erosion and became pasture land to support a commercial cattle operated by Clifford and Ovell Claybrook.

Simon Bryan  
John McDaniel

Colon B. Claybrook
W. G. McDaniel

Badge Claybrook
Thomas J. McDaniel

John Claybrook
George McDaniel

Clifford Claybrook
Manton M. Claybrook

Ovell Claybrook

Jennifer C. Lee

After marrying into the family in 1995, Steve was motivated to purchase 6 Charolais and 7 Angus cross cattle. The commercial cattle operation transitioned to registered Black Angus after the purchase of an Angus bull from the Oak Bowery program at an Auburn University Bull Test sale in January of 2002. As Steve’s interest in seed stock grew, the use of an AI program was started in January of 2004. The SimAngus program for the hybrid vigor of good momma cows began after the purchase of a Simmental bull from B&B at Sunshine Farms in December of 2005. The ET program began January of 2006 after purchasing cattle from the Gardiner program in Kansas.

Emuckfaw Creek Farm spans over 400 acres with 60 foundation females. Donor cows from some of the top cow families in the Angus breed, Angus and Simmental cows raised on the farm or purchased from other seed stock producers, and commercial cows make up the foundation group. Yearling Heifers are retained to go into the foundation herd or offered for sale as consignment or private treaty. Bulls are managed on the farm and sold as coming Two Year Olds. The ET, AI and Pasture programs are developed using Registered Black Angus and Black Simmental bulls for improvement of EPDs and carcass merit.

Badge and Ellen Claybrook

The registered operation is committed to the production of quality cattle. These goals include low birth weights, high weaning weights, adequate milk, moderate/large size, heavy yearling weights, average/higher EPDs, carcass EPDs and ultrasound data collected. Performance records for all heifers and bulls are maintained with the American Angus Association and the American Simmental Association.

Emuckfaw Creek is honored to be recognized as a member of the Alabama Century & Heritage Farms. The farm land was purchased by Simon Bryan in April 1851. The oldest home left standing was built by Simon’s grandson, Simon Badge Claybrook. It has been passed on to generations of Claybrook family members.


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